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How to Ensure A Successful Summer Move

It’s officially summer which means a few different things: the weather is nicer (well, it’s supposed to be) and people are on the move! Now, the type of ‘move’ which that can entail could mean travel, sports/activities, etc., but we’re going to focus on the actual moving from one residence to another.

Here are some important things to consider when it comes planning and executing a move for you and your family this summer:

‘DO hire a reputable mover. Check with your provincial government, the Better Business Bureau and/or the Canadian Association of Movers before you contract a mover.

DO get three on-site estimates — IN WRITING. An in-home estimate is the most accurate estimate — and that means fewer disputes later on, during or after the move.

DO validate the mover’s reputation and their affiliations,particularly for any estimate that is significantly different from the others.

DO ask how your goods are protected against loss or damage and insured while in transit. You may wish to request additional cargo protec tion that is based on your valuation of your shipment. And always get it in writing.’ (source:

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