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Do’s and Dont’s

When filled, no carton should weigh more than 23 kg or 50 lbs.

Do not use garbage bags for packing.  They tear easily and do not protect your goods.

Cartons should be cushioned with crushed newspaper at the bottom, between layers, at the top and in all empty spaces.

Heavier items should be placed on the bottom layer and the lightest and most fragile articles should be on top.

Each fragile item should be wrapped separately.

Small articles such as salt and pepper shakers should be wrapped in colourful paper or packed in small boxes so they don’t get lost.

Cartons should not be overfilled.  The tops should close flat and nothing should stick out of them.

All cartons should be sealed with strong tape.

Each carton should be labelled on the top and sides.

Name the room where it should go.  List its contents, either on the carton or in a notebook for your convenience.


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