Growth of Moving Services Market

We’re proud to be able to provide quality professional moving and storage services to our clients for as long as we have, and look forward to continue doing it and growing how we’re able to engage and provide service in the future.

It’s always good to be reinforced with data that proves we’re moving in the right direction. The professional moving market is thriving and continues to grow.

‘The growth of the global moving services market can be attributed to the growing demand for global relocation services and adoption of extensive mobility programs by corporates,” says SpendEdge procurement research analyst Tridib Bora. “The demand for commercial moves has been increasing steadily in developed markets because of stable economic conditions,” added Tridib. One of the key insights: Increased outsourcing of moving services by buyers, owing to high maturity of suppliers in handling movement of complex or fragile materials across geographies has led to the higher adoption of moving services. The demand for moving services will continue to increase as companies are renewing their mobility programs to move talents to foreign markets.’ (source:

Learn more about our commercial and residential moving services today, and be moved with Boyd!

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