Why DIY Moving May Not Be the Best Option


The concept of Do It Yourself (DIY) can be good, depending on the task at hand. We are proponents of providing expert moving services, however we still offer products/services to those who are more comfortable doing everything themselves.

Professional moving services have proven to be the most effective choice when it comes to residential and commercial moving because of how thorough a professional moving company is.

At mymovingreviews.com they outlined some of the potential issues with DIY moving which include making the assumption that DIY equates to cost savings and not fully understanding the importance of time management. “Many home movers believe that organizing a self-move is cheaper than hiring a professional moving company to handle the hardest parts of their moves.” What people fail to realize are the hidden costs which may include: packing supplies, moving equipment, fuel, food/lodging (depending on the distance of the move), etc. When it comes to timelines and effective scheduling “usually due to insufficient moving experience and more often due to improper relocation organization, most home movers find it really hard to take care of all the tasks before they are forced to move out.” (mymovingreviews.com)

At Boyd we take it open ourselves to simplify the whole moving process. Helping our clientele have the best experience possible is always our goal. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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