Cross-docking eases the process between manufacturer and supplier/seller, and saves on both storage fees and labour.

This is an ideal service when a company does not have access to a loading dock that can handle a 53-foot transport trailer. Boyd can off-load your inventory via one of our many loading docks and place it into the staging area. We’ll then notify you that your shipment has arrived and is ready to be picked up.

Cross-docking is also useful if your company does not carry inventory because your products are custom-made. In that case, you can arrange for the product to be shipped to us and, once it arrives at our warehouse, you can deliver it to your client or arrange for us to distribute it for you.

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We have over 100,000 square feet of logistics and warehousing space that can be used in either bulk space or in rack slots.


With over 100,000 square feet, Boyd Vehicle Storage is Canada’s largest indoor vehicle storage facility.


Boyd has all the moving supplies and rental equipment to help your move in and out of Ottawa go smoothly. Let our expertise work for you!