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Totally Impressed

My name is Nicole Casey and I am the daughter of Richard and Lillian
Quesnel. Your company did a move for my parents in October, 2014.

I have to say that not only was I totally impressed, but so were my parents.

The first issue that your team had to deal with was a power outage that
occurred on my parents block. Given this, you would think that everything
would come to a halt but that was not the case with the Boyd Team. They
continued the move, doing so with some areas being in total darkness.

The truck was loaded and unloaded in a timely manner and there was not one
piece damaged. More importantly, Matt, Jeff and Chris were prompt, clean and extremely
polite. My parents are in their mid-eighties and the respect with which
they treated my parents is something that you do not see very often in this
day and age.

I am not sure which team member was the one that placed the boxes in the
closet of my Dad’s new office but whichever one you are I truly appreciated
the patience you extended to my Dad. You are clearly a person that is not
only dedicated to going above and beyond when it comes to the services you
provide, but a person who clearly respects his elders. You were amazing.

I wish to extend my appreciation to Matt, Jeff and Chris for a job well done. You are all an asset to Boyd Moving.

Needless to say I would highly recommend Boyd in the future.


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